2021 16th Annual North Orange County Classic Tournament

North Orange County Classic Annual Rules

Team Responsibility:
Coaches and/or their representatives are responsible for:
1. Checking Schedules & Scores for time and location of ALL matches. www.nocclassic.net
2. Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators on their sidelines.

Governing Rules: Matches will be played by CIF rules.
No Protests:All games will be considered final and no protests will be allowed. All teams GUARANTEED 4 GAMES. Advancement to elimination or semi-final games shall be determined by points earned and tie breaker(s) during Pool Play matches.

Duration of Pool Play, Play-off, Championship Matches:
5 minute Half-time for Pool Play & Play-off Games, 10 minutes for Championship Games *Varsity Pool Play/Play-off: 70 minutes, Varsity Championships 70 minutes *Jr. Varsity Pool Play/Play-off: 60 minutes, Jr. Varsity Championships 60 minutes *Frosh/Soph Pool Play/Play-off: 50 minutes, Frosh/Soph Championships 50 minutes If Play-off or Championship Game is tied, teams will go directly into FIFA/CIFHS penalty kicks to determine advancement/champion. Game is recorded as TIE-TIE (Play-off Game) or WIN-TIE (Championship Game)

Game is recorded as TIE-TIE (Play-off Game) or WIN-TIE (Championship Game)

Home Team: Teams must be on opposite sides of the playing field. The first team listed on the schedule shall be deemed the home team (DARK). Home team shall have choice of sideline and supply the game ball(s). In the event of a color conflict, AWAY team MUST change jerseys. (New CIF Rule 2018)


Jeff Gordon (714) 863-8724

 Scoring Pool Play Matches:
Teams shall be awarded points for Pool Play matches as follows:
Teams shall be awarded points for Pool Play matches as follows: Win 6 points
Draw 3 points
Loss 0 points
Shutout Win 2 points
Shutout 0-0 1 point
Goals Scored 1 point each, max 7 points
Forfeit 9 points (score as 1-0)

Tie Breaker(s) Pool Play Matches:
In the event that two or more teams are tied in points at the end of the Pool Play, the following tie breakers shall be applied in the order given until a winner is determined: 1. Head to Head 2. Goals Against 3. Goals Scored 5. Penalty kicks (To Determine 1st Place Pool Play ONLY, TBD) 6. Coin Flip (2nd-4th Place)

In the event of inclement weather, which the Tournament Committee deems as being unsafe conditions for the players and/or the fields and competition cannot continue, matches: 1. at the half time or are in the second half will have the score stand. 2. that are in the first half will be deemed not to have played. 3. may be shortened, kicks from the penalty mark or other as determined by the Tournament

Committee Sportsmanship and Standard of Play
1. All players and coaches will be expected to demonstrate the highest standard of sportsmanship.
2. Any player given a red card, or any coach ejected from a game will not be permitted to participate in the remainder of the game in progress, and will not be able to participate in at least the teams next played game (forfeit does not count), and may not be present at the game (forfeiture). Must meet with & be cleared by Principal!
3. All coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and friends while the team is at the tournament both off the field as well as on the field. Please keep fields clean, PICK UP ALL TRASH.